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Latest Gantry News


Joomla 2.5 Version 3.2.16 Released

Gantry for Joomla 2.5 has been updated with a small bug fix with the load more articles.

Changelog for Joomla 2.5 Gantry 3.2.16

•  Error: 'p is null' or 'e is null' with 'load more articles' enabled

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Joomla 2.5 Version 3.2.14 Released

Gantry for Joomla has been updated to work with Joomla 2.5 along with some small bug fixes.

Changelog for Joomla 2.5 Gantry 3.2.14

Release Notes - Gantry Joomla Framework - Version 3.2.14 (J25)

• settings not responding after saving new preset
• layout slider positions popup not showing
• admin helptips issue in j2.5

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Joomla 2.5 Version 3.2.15 Released

Gantry for Joomla 2.5 has been updated to version 3.2.15 with a bug fix for saving templates changes.

Release Notes - Gantry Joomla Framework - Version 3.2.15 (J25)

• Save not working on Gantry template after Save and Close pressed.

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WordPress Version 1.23 Released

Gantry for WordPress Version 1.23 has been released.

Changelog for WordPress Gantry 1.23

# Fixed the z-index of WordPress screen meta tabs on the widgets page
+ Added CSS code used for multi-column blog view

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WordPress Version 1.22 Released

Gantry for WordPress Version 1.22 has been released.

Changelog for WordPress Gantry 1.22

+ Added support for the custom variations in widgets (custom CSS classes)
# Fixed the count widgets in WP 3.3 theme settings page
# Fixed the z-index value of the WP 3.3 flyout menus on admin pages with Gantry Overrides bar
# Fixed Clear Cache button and Presets switcher

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Joomla 1.7 Version 3.2.13 Released

Gantry for Joomla 1.7 Version 3.2.13 has been updated with bug fixes for Joomla 1.7

Changelog for Joomla 1.7 Gantry 3.2.13

Release Notes - Gantry Joomla Framework - Version 3.2.13 (J17)

• Invalid CRT Parameters on Windows WAMP Servers
• Issue with template AdminPraise3 and the notice box not injected in the page, causing the JS to throw an error

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WordPress Version 1.21 Released

Gantry for WordPress Version 1.21 has been released.

This release fixes the bugfix script which could cause the sites to break. If after updating to 1.20 your site broke - please revert your database to the backup from before 1.20. If you already recreated the widgets you can skip this step, as the newly created widgets will already have proper data.

Changelog for WordPress Gantry 1.21

# Fixed the incrementation bug in the bugfix.php script which could cause a widgets id conflict

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WordPress Version 1.20 Released

Gantry for WordPress Version 1.20 has been released.

This release contains several important fixes so we highly recommend everybody to update the plugin to 1.20.

Changelog for WordPress Gantry 1.20

# Added a fix to prevent frozen widgets and widgets appearing in wrong overrides
+ Added a script that should automatically fix all existing frozen widgets and overrides
+ Added support for WordPress Multi Site installations
# Added check for instance settings of WordPress widget classes
# The $ signs in page titles should be now displayed properly
^ Added require_once parameter to the locate_type function
# Updated the SmartLoad gizmo JS file to fix XPath Ignores
# Fixed the situation when the MooTools would only get loaded when the Build Spans gizmo is enabled
# Fixed the situation when front-page.php file wouldn't get loaded from the proper location
^ Modified the MU Register gizmo to add very basic width settings to the activate and signup pages

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[SOLVED] Gantry for WordPress Updater Issue

UPDATED : I'm happy to inform that all of the directory-naming issues are now resolved, and that it's again safe to use the WordPress updater to update your version of the Gantry Plugin. From now on every time we release the new version of the Gantry plugin, it will be added to the plugins directory so everyone can easily stay up-to-date.

In order to make the update process easier we've decided to place the Gantry plugin in the WordPress plugins directory, so everybody can easily update it like any other plugin. Unfortunately it didn't go as well as we expected. Because of the naming mistake WordPress isn't replacing the files in the old plugin directory but creates a new one. We're working on fixing that ASAP so everybody can safely and easily update their Gantry.

Please DON'T update the gantry framework via the WordPress updater until the naming issue has been resolved.

If you already updated your plugin, the solution is to FTP to the wp-content/plugins/ directory and change the directory's name from 'gantry-template-framework' to 'gantry', go back to the Plugins menu in the admin and reactivate the Gantry framework or remove it completely and install the version from the or the one found in your theme download directory.

I'm very sorry about that and hope that we'll be able the sort this out really quickly.



WordPress Version 1.18 Released

Gantry for WordPress Version 1.18 has been released.

Changelog for WordPress Gantry 1.18

# Fixed oddity in PHP 5.2.9 where some settings in the backend wouldn't load
+ Added support for additional content type directiories
^ Added ability to filter out page title in Title gizmo
+ Added support for the 9 grid layout
+ Ability to define author name to appear as the page title in the theme settings page

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