CI Builds with Travis

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May 25, 2015, 9:34

Gantry 5 + Travis

Today we are happy to introduce a new section in the Downloads area: CI Builds. The CI (Continuous Integration) Builds are intended for all of those interested in trying the very latest builds of Gantry 5.

If you already tried manually installing Gantry 5 on your development environment, you might have found it quite difficult: we agree with you. Most of the time you really just want to try the latest changes or, perhaps, verify that an issue has been truly resolved.

Thanks to Travis CI we are now able to automatically build installable packages that get generated everytime a new commit happens in the develop branch at the Gantry 5 repository.

The packages can be installed exactly like any Beta or RC, their version will be dev-<commit> (ie, dev-d6a989dea). The <commit> is the commit hash that has triggered the automatic build.

Worth noticing is also that in these packages you will find uncompressed assets (JS/CSS) with sourcemaps. This is different from a production release where there are no sourcemaps and the assets get minified.

It is STRONGLY advised NOT to install CI Builds in a production environment. Due to the nature of these builds, where everything gets generated automatically and is a mirror of the actual development repository, chances are that there will be bugs, issues and unexpected behaviors.

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